Corona Virus infects 987 in India killing 25 people

Corona Virus kills 25 Indians with more than 987 infectioned

Corona Virus lock down in India as the government is a 21 day strategy to delay the virus.

But we need to ask the dangerous questions to the spread.

This is just a delay tactic to control the spread but as this is a water borne virus the rains in India will addup to the massive spread of the virus.

How do we control situations of the spread in the rainy season.

With a lockdown we need to go out to get vegetables and other necessities which will lead to colonization and moisture will add to more spreading of the virus


Corona Virus Remedies that may help stay away from the virus

Corona Virus Natural remedy cured


Corona Virus Cure



This is from my personal experience of a similar virus outbreak which was in Mumbai called swine flu. The flu happened in just like the current weather in the rains and the spread was faster due to the moisture.

Corona Virus Natural remedy cured

True facts of the Virus include travelling in the air and using moisture as its medium and flu as a resource to contaminate humans. Once in a human the process of any Virus to expand last for 10 to 15 days and it starts attacking the White blood corpuscles and brings down the hemoglobin.

Best proven methods to contain and stay health helping the virus to complete its process faster is as follows

  1. In the morning when you wakeup 1st thing make a paste of ginger, salt & lime and with hot water brush using this paste. Do not use toothpaste. What this does is cleans up all the gems and virus in your mouth and throat. Also ensure you gargle and spit out as much as the thick mucous type saliva continually.

2. Clean your nose very clearly and remove all possible dirt from it. Most of the times we forget to clear our nose as most of the gems stay 2 pronominal places The Nose & The Tongue

3. During the day avoid contact with anyone and try this stop all the Air-conditioning & pull your day at room temperature. Sip some Brandy or Rum in intervals of 2 hours on an empty stomach avoid eating oily food try vegetables only like tomato, onions, betroots in the form of soups. Avoid using cabbage or cauliflower or cornflour.

This diet helps in controlling the virus and cleaning your system by providing the right proteins to generate for white blood corpuscles

4. Most important which is difficult but needed Sunlight. You need vitamin D which is the most miraculous fighter against many diseases today. minimum 1 hour of seating in the sunlight would help process the virus faster and help in sweating would energies the body to produce varies energies required for healing diseases. This would also help in generating better energy levels within your body to reproduce the white blood corpuscles to help fight the virus faster. Sweating helps in opening the pores and removing dirt from your body 

Instead what we do – live in close doors, Air conditioners have become our killers and we have forgotten are basics living beyond our comforts.

Try this may help.

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